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Father, dear, Father, here am I your son
Come to worship and adore You
It's by Your grace I come

Father, Abba Father, draw me close to your side
Hear this prayer, from my heart Lord
A prayer born from inside

Abba Father, Lord I love You
This my spirit cries
Abba Father, Lord, I praise you now
Like a child

Father, my Father, I reach up to You
Like a child, I long for Your touch Lord
It's Your love that carries me through

Father, Abba Father, with no more fear or strife
As your son, I trust only you, Lord
As you guide my life

I worship you Lord, with all my heart
For Your grace has made me free
To hunger and thirst
For Your righteousness
Til' Your face is all I see

Father, Our Father, Holy is Your name,
May your kingdom come, may your will be done
May your love forever reign!

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