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When you were tired,
I picked you up,
And gave you the rest to your soul
When you were lonely
And searching for truth
I gave you my Word
And made you whole.

Because I love you so, my child.
Tenderly I watch over you
Because I love you so, my child.
Precious are you in My sight,
For you are the Apple Of My Eye

When you were lost
I showed you the way
And brought you from darkness to the light
When you were hungry
Thirsty and faint,
I gave you the bread of life

You are the salt of the earth
You are the lights of this world,
Beloved, now are you the sons of God
My strength is your strength,
My power is your power,
So be strong, my children, have no fear.
Be strong, and know that I am here
Be strong, encourage with My Word,
Be strong, my children, have no fear.

When you were hurt
By some unkind word,
I dried the tears from your eyes,
Remember my children,
That I'm for you,
And forever you'll be by My side.

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