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The Lord, He is my shepherd
He leads me by still waters
The tender grass is my repose
He heals my wounded soul

New mornings bring new mercies
As He leads me down the righteous road
The rod and staff are there to guide and comfort me
He never, never leads me alone.

Because I know Him
And I have His Word of life
Because I see Him
Guide my steps, day and night
I will never fear
He provides all that I need
And I will trust Him
Because I know Him

A feast before my eyes
Each day from heaven's great store He will provide
Through shadows of death and darkest of nights
He hears my every cry

My God is the most high God
Maker of all that I see
He fills my life with truth and grace,
From now to eternity

He is my loving Father
He sees and will provide
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me
All of the days of my life
And in His house, I will abide

The Lord is my salvation
I will trust Him and I'll never be afraid
He is my strength,
He's become my song
Jehovah is His name.

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