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I wish above all things
That you be in health and live
In all God's goodness,
In all His will
The eyes of your heart
Flooded with the light of the hope to come
And see the riches of His grace
And the power of His love

I pray He leads you by His spirit
Every night and day
And guides you into His heart of hearts
Shows you His Way

God has given us everything in Christ
It's a done deal life
He's given us power, love and peace of mind
All in Christ
By grace we're seated far above
We stand before Him in His court of love
God has given us everything new in Christ

In him we have a wealth of wisdom
In him we stand bold and strong
(It's Like) An all access pass to the Father
All day long
Dressed in his righteousness
Robed in the power from above
With faith as our shield, His word as our sword
We're completely at rest in His love

As far as the east is from the west
Father casts our sins away
So we can enjoy His presence
Every day!

Everything, grace upon grace is the Father's desire
Everything, living the Life that is greater, higher
Everything, speaking the truth in love to inspire
Everything is in Christ, our Life!

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