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Jehoshaphat stood with his arms in the air
And said, Lord, you gotta do something here
We have no strength
We don't know what to do,
But our eyes, are on You
God said the battle's not yours but mine
Tomorrow you'll see everything will be fine
Send out the singers to lead the way
His Love is your praise,
This song will we raise

That God is On Our Side
God is On Our Side, who can be against us?
God is On Our Side,
Who can be against us,
No one, no one, no one

Elisha's servant said, hey the jig is up
There's an army out there and they really look tough
Elisha said son, no worries here
Have faith, not fear
There's more with us and the battle is won
I've asked the Lord and He said it's done
Our army has chariots of flaming fire
So son don't be blind,
The Lord opened his eyes

You see the storms will come,
And the floods will rise,
To try and bring the strongest to their knees,
But God said, "not by might,
And not by your power,
But by my spirit, you will see",

Jesus said Father may they be one
Just as I am, your beloved son
To show the world what life can be
Set free from the enemy
In him we stand, in him we see,
Our faith assures the victory,
No fight, no battle could ever be,
Stronger than Him,
Now it's Christ that reigns within,

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