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There is no condemnation
To those who live in Christ
God has sent His son to save us
And bring us from death to new life
For the walls that separate us
Have been torn down by God's love
In Christ now highly favored we shine bright
All the sin and sickness and the pain was laid on him
Now in Christ we're the righteousness of God

So live in Christ,
Stand in the will of Almighty God
And live as Christ,
Cast all your care on the one who provides
And live this life
The life God had planned from the beginning of time
Is to, live as Christ
For as he is so are we in this world
As Christ

Faith that moves a mountain
And casts it to the sea
Love that knows no bounds
All our lord did so can we
As we walk in the power of our God
For this fountain of our lives is the love of God
A stream that never fails
And it never dies
No more fear, no worry, no more doubt
Can hold us down
As we look only to God to supply
As we look only to God, all our lives

As he walked so we walk
As he sees so we see
As he hears the Father speak
Words that set the captives free
From the darkness to the light
We can bring all men to see
That we glorify God
With this life that we live.

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