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A sailor watches for the ships
That float out on the sea,
And he watches for the weather,
The clouds and stars he sees,
And he looks through his telescope
He doesn't miss a thing,
He could hear each bell that rings

A farmer watches for his crops
To grow up tall and strong,
And he rises early each day,
He works hard all year long,
And he plows with his tractor,
He doesn't miss a thing,
And each day he prays for rain,

But a son of God,
Watches for the hope
Of Jesus Christ's return
He doesn't know the hour, or the day,
But for that time he yearns,
He hides God's word,
Inside his heart,
God's praises he will sing,
For he'll be gathered in the clouds,
And so shall he ever be with the Lord

A mother watches over,
The children she adores,
And she ponders every step they take
And every open door,
And she dries each tear,
That follows every fall,
In her arms they know no fear at all,

In the city there's a tower
The tallest one of all,
Where the watchmen stands guard all night
The city will not fall
And his eyes are fixed,
He doesn't miss a thing,
He could hear footsteps in the rain.

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