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Love One Another

Love One Another

To truly Love One Another, Christ has to be our example and lifestyle. Because we Know Him, we will trust God and Live For Him!  Our Faith will enable us to be Fully Persuaded in His Word and promises. Our relationship with our heavenly Father is a Done Deal and we become convinced that our God Is On Our Side! We Live As Christ in this world, loving each other and helping others into a closer walk with God Almighty, the Father of Love! Knowing all the while that as God's Family, we are On The Way, to live with Him eternally!


Home Again

Home Again is a musical journey back to the Heart Of God in praise, worship and joyful contemporary Christian songs.

For more than twenty years, Sal Arico has been composing and performing contemporary Christian music as well as praise and worship songs, which have inspired many people around the world to develop a closer and more intimate relationship with the Lord!


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Watching is a compilation of songs based on the truth of the hope of Christ's return. The joy of living each day, anticipating that the gathering together Could Happen Today brings great Peace to our hearts. We live each day blessed like the Psalmist declaring that The Lord Is Good, God first loved us, so He encourages His Beloved to love one another on this journey of Life. Our Wonderful Father has redeemed us, made us complete in Christ so we can speak His Word of Life to all the earth. Our walk with Him is like a prayer, to Lead me Lord, into His ways, into His paths.


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